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Monthly Archives: November 2015

    Adult Sports Leagues in New Orleans

    By Satsuma News Team | November 16, 2015

    New Orleans has a plethora of festivals, activities, and delicious food. But partying all the time can leave your body less than satisfied. Fortunately there are also a number of outdoor and indoor sports that will get your body in tip-top shape. First off, let’s take note that there are a few organizations that run leagues in multiple... Read More

    Five Things New Drivers in New Orleans Should Know

    By Satsuma News Team | November 5, 2015

    If you’ve spent any time driving in New Orleans, you might realize that it’s… uniquely dangerous. Here are the five things all New Orleans drivers should look out for. 1. Left Turns Are Our Unicorn The rest of the United States use a thing called a left turn when they need to make a left turn. But... Read More