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    Investing in the New Orleans short-term rental market

    By Admin | August 31, 2022

    Out-of-state owners can legally invest in the New Orleans short-term rental market. What’s the best move to make now? Read More

    Creating a Louisiana-friendly lawn

    By Admin | July 19, 2022

    When it rains in Louisiana, it not only pours, it often floods—and sunny summer days often send the heat index soaring past 100 degrees. The good news? A garden that includes native plants and rainwater management strategies can be both beautiful, low maintenance and good for the environment. Read More

    Hurricane Preparedness: Lessons for 2022

    By Admin | June 1, 2022

    When it comes to hurricanes, the 2022 season, which kicks off this month, brings good news and bad news. Read on to learn more. Read More

    Building by Boiling

    By Admin | April 8, 2022

    Satsuma Realtors is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural fundraiser event “Building by Boiling”! Read More

    Guide to buying in the French Quarter

    By Admin | February 3, 2022

    Historic and architecturally stunning, laden with parks and world-class restaurants, the French Quarter is an attractive locale at any time of the year, but it shines during Carnival season. But there are a few quirks that make buying in there different from buying in other neighborhoods, according to Satsuma Realtors real estate agent Buddy King, and a few guidelines to keep in mind. Read More

    Guide to Short-Term Rental Permits

    By Admin | December 16, 2021

    As a tourist destination and a port city, New Orleans has always been enriched by—and to an extent, built upon—a constant influx of visitors. The proliferation of short-term rental properties has launched contentious neighborhood debates and ongoing regulation issues, but nobody can deny they serve a real need—and they’re 100 percent legal in New Orleans,... Read More

    Satsuma Realtors Team Continues Local Beautification Efforts With Neighborhood Park Cleanup Event

    By Admin | November 19, 2021

    City parks and open spaces like Burke Playground improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. Numerous studies have shown the social, environmental, economic, and health benefits that parks bring to a city and its people, and Satsuma is proud to be a... Read More

    Post-Hurricane Insurance Tips From NOLA Experts

    By Admin | November 17, 2021

    More than two months after Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana as a category 4 storm, blue roofs, lingering debris piles and other signs of recovery still dot the landscape. Some homeowners escaped unscathed, while others experienced a total loss, but no matter how much damage Ida did to your property, insurance should be a... Read More

    Homeowner Tips and Resources for Post-Ida Recovery

    By Admin | November 8, 2021

    Many homeowners are still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ida, a catastrophically strong Category 4 hurricane that decimated Louisiana’s homes and infrastructure. Some parts of Louisiana only recently regained electricity, and some families are returning from evacuations to find their homes a total loss. Whether you’re dealing with something as major as a to-the-studs... Read More

    Satsuma Realtors Agent Renae Berthelot Provides Post-Ida Aid to Jean Lafitte and Bayou Communities

    By Admin | November 8, 2021

    More than one million homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi were left without power when Ida slammed into our shores as a massive Category 4 hurricane. In the weeks since August 29th, power has been restored for most fortunate towns, corner stores and supermarkets are re-opening their doors, and crews are still working round... Read More